Over 40 n Fit

Private Personal Training with Larry Johnson 

It is never too late to turn your life and body around.  Studies show that we can improve our fitness, lose weight, build muscle and feel better about ourselves well into our 80s.  

I know, I'm 62 and still in great shape. 
Yes I exercise a lot!  Yes it's my business to be fit, and Yes I can pass my knowledge, my passion for fitness and my motivation on to you!

In my private gym in Clifton, we will work together to design a program suited to you and your life.  We will work one on one to insure your safety and privacy.
Whether you want to build more muscle, lose fat, become more fit, or regain lost mobility, we can do it.
I love to travel and being in tip-top shape allows me to do it.  So can you!
Over40nfit on The Great Wall 
To travel we need to be Fit
Lifting in Madrid