We’ve all been there, considering our habits and how we can improve.

Share Your Goals

I’ve been helping people for over 20 years address their physical health goals through exercise, strength training, body building and diet consideration. Though I focus on generations 40 years old or older, I’ve many clients in their 20’s and 30’s.

The concepts to a healthier you stay the same no matter what age, but as we get on in years it’s important to make small but important adjustments when executing the details.

If you’ve never tried exercising before, if you used to but fell off the wagon some time ago, if you want to gain strength or lose weight, I can lend some advice.

But the first step is among the hardest… Sharing your goals.

Fill out as much of this form as you can, and I’ll reply with some perspective that hopefully will be helpful. If it makes sense, sure I’ll recommend hiring a trainer (maybe even me!), but this isn’t just about that. It’s an invitation to share something personal and challenging and my promise to respond constructively.

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What does the future you look like? What has held you back before? Feel free to include as much information as you'd like to share.