Over 40 n Fit


Over 40 n Fit

It’s never too late to
turn your life and body around

Studies show that we can improve our fitness, lose weight, build muscle and feel better about ourselves well into our 80's. 

I know, I'm 65 and still in great shape. Yes I exercise a lot! Yes it's my business to be fit, and Yes I can pass my knowledge, my passion for fitness and my motivation on to you!

In my private gym in Clifton, we will work together to develop a program suited to you and your life. We will work one-on-one to insure your safety and privacy to reach your weight, fitness and muscle building goals.


We will work together and design a program to help you:

  • Learn proper techniques and form

  • Break through plateaus with a customized workout plan

  • Find motivation and support

  • Enhance awareness of your mind and body

  • Push yourself to the next level


General Fitness

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the gym, Larry's 20-plus years of experience will get you the results you’re after.


Build Muscle

Hoping to push yourself farther with your routine to achieve maximum results? Larry can help experienced clients with super-charged, individualized attention. 


Weight Loss

Whether you want to lose weight to be healthier or just have a target weight for a special occasion, We can pave the way to achieving your goals.


Your Personal Private Gym

Your Personal Private Gym

Over 40 n Fit is not a big box gym, but a private training studio. The concept of the studio is very straightforward; create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere where the client will enjoy a very personal training experience in a private setting.  

Equipment includes; Olympic free weights with a full range of handles and accessories, Smith Machine, Dumbbells up to 150#, Various cable stations,  Full range cable crossover with 200# stacks and adjustable pulleys, Leg Press Hack Squat, various resistance bands and balls   




Dan V.

After a lot of aerobic exercise and doing some self -guided "weight" workouts at home using dumb bells and my Bowflex, I managed to lose the weight I wanted to lose over about a year. But, at 47 years of age, when I decided to really build my body up I went to Larry!

I've been greatly pleased with the results in only a few months. He was immediately able to help me focus my goals and instruct me in safe ways to achieve them. The workouts are intense but the results are noticeable to me and other people in my life. The difference between a session working with Larry and one on my own is amazing. I could never have gotten such great results so quickly without his help.

Donald I.

I guess I should admit up front: I wasn’t over 40 when I started with Larry. I was 35. But, like a lot of older people, I was fighting an uphill battle to stay fit. Five years prior to meeting Larry I broke my left elbow. Two surgeries, countless hours of physical therapy…and I could still barely lift a phone book with my left arm.

I was an active person prior to that accident; I knew the benefits of exercise and I sorely missed being fit. I tried everything I could think of to get better, from fitness books to dieting to running until my knees hurt to trying personal training at a local gym. But for all my effort, the only thing I achieved was gaining 20 pounds and losing even more muscle mass. I had all but given up hope.

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Gurjot B.

Although I am not over 40, I am definitely fit and that is in large part thanks to Larry Johnson — I cannot recommend his personal training services strongly enough. 

I came to Larry in February of 2013, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 160 pounds. I was in relatively good shape, but I wanted to be bigger. I wanted a body that stood strong with the muscles of a well-developed man. I had been training with P90X for a few years, and Larry was able to point out that the type of exercises I was doing would serve only to enhance my muscles, not to make them grow like I wanted them to. I sensed very early on that Larry knew what he was talking about. 

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This is Sheba, she won't really bother you.

I love to travel and being in tip-top shape allows me to do it. So can you!